About Us

malta-expats.com is a comprehensive approach to provide expatriates in Malta with literally everything they need to know when coming to Malta. Be it a job change, a study-trip or a complete relocation.

All these projects need thorough planning which in turn needs professional, all-embracing information. The nature of any foreign country in general, Malta in particular, is that cultural, infrastructural and organizational differences need to be explained. While most information is available via the Internet, correct and detailed information is not only subject to change, but  in many cases buried in the heaps of badly organized and useless content on confusing websites or in brochures.

malta-expats.com will do away with the chaos, meticulously mapping everything life on Malta is about and transmitting vital information, processes, points of contact and best practices. The goal is to empower anyone to settle, knowing every trick and every correct contact for any vital area of life on Malta.

Our team of professionals, with at least 100 years of expat experience all together, is ready to serve the expat community. We are all from different backgrounds and cultures with a passion for spreading information we have gathered along the way while living on the island. We do welcome constructive information and criticism, and we are up-dating our articles as we receive it.

Malta Expats Team