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Valletta, MT
3 December, 2021
Business Culture

Business Culture

Malta has a fairly conservative business culture. The Republic of Malta is a representative democracy: the President of the Republic who is also Head...
Malta Expats | Doing Business

Doing Business

When organizing and attending meetings in Malta you should consider the general principles of business etiquette but to have maximum success you should also...
Malta Expats | How to Set up Company in Malta

How to Set up Company in Malta

Before you start thinking of how to Set up Company on the island, you should know the fact that Malta is one of the most...
Malta Expats | Visas, ID, Permits

Visas, ID, Permits

The legislation empowering foreign citizens to take employment in Malta is the Immigration Act. Citizens of non-EU/EFTA (European Free Trade Association) countries are required...

Starting Business

Here is the ultimate, clear and concise help. Read this, and you will know what you need to do before you have your own...

Health System

Malta has a comprehensive health system which is funded from taxation and is free to patients. All EU nationals resident in Malta are eligible to...
Malta Expats | Property in Malta

Buy-Rent Property in Malta

The decision to buy, rent or move house is never one to be taken lightly. Choosing your new property is exciting, but it is...

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