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Valletta, MT
20 October, 2021
Malta Expats | The Top 100 Best Clubs in the World

The Top 100 Best Clubs in the World

Ushuaïa Ibiza was named Best Club in the World as well as winning an award for Best Business Development in Nightlife.  After two days of...
Malta Expats | Maltese Feasts Calendar 2018

Maltese Feasts Calendar 2018

Given the Maltese passion for feasts and pageantry, every parish celebrates the feast day of its local patron saint. The festivities - colorful parades...
Malta Expats | Maltese Feasts Calendar 2017

Maltese Feasts Calendar 2017

In every locality, large or small, a feast is organised in honor of either the patron saint (festa titulari) or the 'second in importance'...
Malta Expats | Cliques

Cliques Malta Expats

Clubbing in order to be photographed The circles of Maltese, local people going out to specific, smaller clubs and dance events in Malta seem to...
Malta Nightlife

Malta Nightlife Guide

Malta Nightlife Guide Caffe Cordina Valletta's most iconic café. Sit here and soak up the life of Malta's capital. The café is at the heart of...

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