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Clubbing in order to be photographed

The circles of Maltese, local people going out to specific, smaller clubs and dance events in Malta seem to be small. The in-crowd is small but not only because the Maltese are a small nation, but because they all know each other.

I gather that they are also rather interested in being seen by the people in their circle. Moreover, they seem very interested in being seen by the photographers that the event organiser have in place. After the event, their photos will show up somewhere online.

I wanted to do see the the cliques, the clubbers who go to the selected events where there is something out of the ordinary. I knew it had to be a small venue and an entry fee that isn´t cheap.

Cevin Fisher

I took the chance when my friend asked me to go with her to a little club called Electro Lobster Project, where the bartenders were absolutely fantastic, by the way. There was supposed to be a Dj called Cevin Fisher there, and the fee was 20 euros. Fisher was there, but he turned up at 1 am whereas the organiser had mentioned midnight.

Malta Expats | Cliques

I had not heard of him before, maybe because I don’t know much about the music scene anymore, but found out he was an American house music producer. Either the cliques who had arrived didn´t know who the Dj was either, or they just didn´t care about who he was.

They behaved as if they had a good time, but as if the Dj was any unknown one whose music was worth dancing to. Not that they danced a lot, but one of the doormen explained.

“It´s always like this, they come with the same attitude every time they turn up. They appear as though they want to be seen, and to be photographed is the ultimate chance”, he said. They were not local celebrities either.

Photo opportunity

Some really seemed to come into bloom when Federico, the photographer, approached them. They moved like cats begging for food, and it wasn´t far from worship. It wouldn´t have been an exaggeration to say that as far as they were concerned, he was the true star of the night.

Malta Expats | Cliques

Federico has star quality in himself, it´s possibly what´s called charisma. He would be noticed anywhere without needing to do anything special. I told a man at the club what I thought.

“In addition to being a photographer, he has another job, and he´s very good at it partly thanks to his persona and charisma. He takes the people by charm, they instantly like him”, he said.

The famous star thanked the other star

Cevin Fisher has great charm of his own, an impressive low-key presence of a person who really is too big and famous to need to try to be worshipped by a crowd who is self-absorbed. He did his thing; music that was mellow and balanced. He was the prototype of a person who has seen so much of the world that he knows that just being yourself is enough.

Still, he must have wondered what sort of an audience it was who hardly took any notice of him. Most of the persons suddenly vanished while he was playing, as if his music wasn´t good enough for them. The real reason probably was that they had other engagements and they had already been seen.

And Cevin Fisher was so down-to-earth and such a nice person, that he came to thank the photographer after the gig. That’s, I would say, what somebody does who has seen a bit more than Malta in all its glory. We do love Malta, but the circles are small – even among us expats. Especially among us.

Linda Isabel Ritaoja