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When organizing and attending meetings in Malta you should consider the general principles of business etiquette but to have maximum success you should also consider local culture and attitudes. This is true especially when you organize the meeting (the date, the location) and decide the contents (the agenda), when you meet the people (greetings) when you decide the right strategies for conducting the relationship during and after the meeting (negotiations, business meals, gift giving).

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Business meeting planning

Malta Expats | Doing BusinessA meeting with a manager or the owner of a Maltese company should be fixed after a written communication or a phone call directly to them or to their executive secretary. You should explain in detail who you are, give information about your company and the reason you are contacting him or her. It’s better, before a business meeting, to establish an agenda because Maltese businessmen and women will follow it strictly.

All the information about the meeting and the participants must be confirmed in a fax or email.