Health System

Malta has a comprehensive health system which is funded from taxation and is free to patients. All EU nationals resident in Malta are eligible to receive free medical treatment from government-funded hospitals and clinics.


Infographic Health System

Health System

Visitors from the EU must bring their European Health Identity Card (EHIC) This will entitle you to basic health care while in Malta, but as always when on holiday, adequate travel insurance including health care should bought to cover the whole holiday period. Tourists from the UK and Australia who are visiting Malta for less than 30 days are eligible under reciprocal health agreements for free emergency medical treatment at a state-run hospital.

The main public hospital is Mater Dei Hospital, where all major operations are performed. There is also a general hospital in Gozo offering a wide range of medical facilities. Throughout the islands, towns and villages have their own medical clinics. There are charges for prescription medicines, but people on low-incomes and those suffering from specified chronic diseases are exempt from payment.

Private healthcare is also available, and sometimes preferred by Maltese citizens and residents for their wider range of services and short waiting time. However the costs are not covered by the public healthcare system in place. Private health insurance is highly advised.