Things to do on Your Romantic Holiday in Malta

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People in love often want to spend their time together and do different things in each other’s company. It is said that it is not important where you are as long as you are with the right people. But it is true that we all hope to reach the most beautiful places and things which will make our romantic encounter unique and the moment unforgettable. If you’ve decided to spend a romantic holiday in Malta, be glad because you can find some really nice things to do, places to visit and actually surprise your partner.

An Afternoon in the San Anton Gardens

This garden is located in Attard, it is one of the residences of the Maltese President and offers different kinds of wonderful flowers and plants. This is a garden dating from 1636 and it was built by Grand Master Antoine de Paule. It has several paths that lead to a very beautiful fountain, often with some ducks and turtles swimming in them. When you admire the trees keep in mind that some of them are more than three hundred years old. This garden, being the most beautiful garden in the whole country, can offer a brilliantly romantic afternoon walk.

Book a Couple Massage

Since you came on a romantic holiday in Malta, I will highly recommend booking a massage in one of the best spa centers on the island for both of you. From my personal experience I suggest Apollo Day Spa at St. George’s Bay at the Corinthia Hotel. It offers a wide selection of beauty and relaxation therapies including a sauna, pool, Jacuzzi and many other things for mind and body relaxation. This is something that the ladies prefer, but in my opinion it is a something for everyone. A perfect enjoyment for couples as well.

Watch the Sunset on Ghajn Tuffieha Beach

Observing the setting of the sun has always been a good idea. Being an island country in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, without a doubt, it presents one of the most beautiful sunsets at Ghajn Tuffieha beach. This beach is next to Golden Bay and its facing the west. The most beautiful thing about this romantic idea is the changing of the colors as the sun goes down. Yellow, pink and orange, reaching intense red and finally disappearing. You can choose admiring to this natural beauty by seating on the sandy beach, or you can reach even higher by placing yourself near the tower that stands on the top of a cliff to the right of the beach.

Dinner at Portomaso Yacht Marine

This is one of the most fashionable place on the island. It is very unique and it shows an elite ambience. It offers a stunning seaside setting and wonderful place for dining. Here you can choose to have your romantic dinner and enjoy some of the Mediterranean, Italian, Chinese, Brazilian or Japanese cuisines. The environment is very tranquil and is recommended as a perfect getaway from the crowded St Julians and Paceville.

A Night Walk around Mdina

We’ve already mentioned Mdina as one of the main attractions to visit when in Malta. But once the night has fallen this city has a different ambience. The Silent City with all the lights and tranquility becomes an ideal romantic spot for a late night walk with your loved one.

After the sun has set, all the museums and main attractions will be closed, and all the tourists will be gone, which actually makes it the right place to be. Once you reach the bastion you will be able to see the shining lights from other part of the island. Grab some wine and take a blanket with you and let yourself enjoy the silence.

These are BohemianStyle recommendations for all the love birds from everywhere in the world. Book your flight, check in and let yourself enjoy the days that come, we have the right plan.